Piering pipe Bacement and Foundation Repair

The basement floor is cut open (approximately 12” out from the wall) and a pump well is installed at a designated low point locations. A new trench is dug in the exposed area sloping toward the designated pump well location (basement or crawl area). A 4” drain tile system (slotted pipeline) is then installed in the trench and connected to the new well. If the walls are made of concrete blocks small holes will be drilled into the base of the cells (below the floor level) so the water can drain from the cells and into the new drain tile system. The new drain tile system is then covered with a river rock drain field to serve as a filter to keep debris out of the new drain system. A sump pump is then installed in the pump well, fitted with a one way valve and connected to new 1½” PVC pipe discharge line. The new discharge line will then pass through the existing wall and outside where the new line can break grade and allow the collected seep water to be discharged away from the structure, the concrete floor sections are then re-poured and finished over the new drain tile system (basement installations only). Now, an ongoing collection and discharge system will be in place to handle any future seepage.